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I am so happy and excited that you have chosen me to photograph you and your family at this special time in your lives! I have created this style guide in hope that it prepares you for your session, and gets you at ease, relaxed, excited and ready for your moments to be captured! Your images are going to be treasured for a very long time, let's make them beautiful memories that make you melt when looking back at them. 



I am all for the flowing dresses and skirts! Not only are dresses flattering for women, they photograph beautifully.  They add extra movement and motion to your photos, giving your images that little bit extra detail that we are all after. Think dancing and twirling with your man, holding your dress up as the water reaches your feet and cradling your babies as they play with your dress' beautiful buttons.  


Patterns are a beautiful statement piece for the mama. Try and stick to soft, warm tones and choose your families wardrobe around the print. If you do choose to wear a patterned dress or top, make sure you are the only one.  


Comfort is key! There are some amazing brands tailored for the expectant mother. Choosing a dress that compliments your bump and accentuates your favourite features is not that daunting! Long flowing dresses are your best friend. Beautiful sleeves falling gracefully down your arms are also very flattering in images. Feel free to bring more than one outfit change to your maternity session so we can capture you feeling your absolute best. Showing off your bump naturally in your photos with a draping kimono is another beautiful way to capture your beautiful belly before baby makes their way earth side.  


Something just as important as the dress itself! Your accessories will add to your story too. The bangle that you mum handed down to you as a gift, your wedding rings, the earrings you received on your first anniversary. If you have sentimental pieces like this that you want in your images, add them in! And don't forget to tell me! As a story teller, I am all about finding what is important to you. It helps pave your journey and your story through your session! 

Let's not forget hats, scarves and belts. Accessories that add texture, depth and beauty to your styling and your images. 


Keep it simple. Stick with solid colours and leave the logos and graphics for another day. Navy, black, greys and whites are all great colours that will normally compliment most women's outfits. Again, comfort is key, but not too comfy! Make sure their pants aren't baggy and their shirts, buttoned or not, are nice fitting. Try and avoid plaids and stripes for the men, as they tend to distract the eye. 


Our babies! The reason why we do family photo sessions! There are going to be loads of images of your babies, so let's get them styled beautifully! When you look back on your images, it is important that you can see their excitement, their eagerness to explore, their beautiful nature that makes them unique. The way they kiss your cheek and twirl their hair. Let's accentuate their gorgeous features and photograph their personalities. Layering is great for kids. Start with your accessories, so that when they decide to rip their headband off half way through your session, it's no biggy! 

Hats are always a good idea for outdoor sessions and if your baby girl is willing to wear a bow or head piece, then yay, please bring them! Have your kids got any sentimental items they can wear too? Maybe a special baby bracelet? Let's add these in as well. We can always take them off later in the session if need be (I always have my backpack for any personal items that need keeping safe at your session). 

A very important no no for your kids styling is logos and character clothing. PLEASE steer clear of the Peppa Pig shirts and Paw Patrol shoes! Let's capture your babies running into the sunlight wearing beautiful natural and earthy tones. Colours that are going to represent their free spirits and capture their childhood in a poetic and nostalgic way. 



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Two Darlings

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Marlow and Mae

Milk at Midnight

Lacey Lane


Let's style your session together! If you need any help or suggestions with your styling, please get in touch! I am always up for a chat and would love to help you out!