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Preparing for your maternity photo session

What an exciting time! Bubs is on the way and you are probably busy getting everything prepared for the little one’s arrival. While your pregnancy may seem to go forever, before you know it the little tot will be running around, and you will be wondering where time went!

A great way to look back and remember your pregnancy is through a maternity photo session. It can be a lovely way to capture the memories of how you felt whilst you were pregnant. If you are thinking about booking a maternity photo shoot, here are a few tips to make it as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

- Ideally you want to be having your photo shoot when you are about 30- 32 weeks

- Remember to book early to secure your booking. This will ensure you have enough time to consult with your photographer about styling and wardrobe

- Start thinking about whether you would prefer an outdoor or an indoor session – both work beautifully.

- If you are having a home session remember to keep it real. A tidy home is great, but please don’t take away any of the things that make it yours! If you can open blinds and curtains and turn off lights that is great – as natural light is fantastic for photography.

- When dressing for your shoot keeping it simple is best. Think natural fabrics, like linen and cotton and wool in winter. Using different textures like knits and silk and soft patterns are a great way to add layers and depth to your images.

If you have any questions about booking a photo shoot please reach out!

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