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How to Create Your Own Milk Bath Session with these 10 tips!

I'm a big fan of capturing women and the connection they have with their bodies and babies. We are all so very different and when we embrace that in it's full entirety, it is just magical.

Milk baths are one way that you might want to capture your growing bump. It is really easy to set up and gives the most beautiful images to remember this time in your life. The calmness of the water as it gently cuddles your tummy adds such softness to the images.

Maternity Milk Bath

Here are 10 steps to creating your own milk bath at home!

1. To create your own Milk Bath Session, you will need some milk powder. I use The Body Shop Milk Powder. It has a beautiful scent and is ethically made. You can find it here.

2. Get your loved one to stop at your local florist and grab you a bunch of flowers, any flowers are beautiful but I love to use Daisy's and white or soft toned flowers for these. Cut the flowers about 2cms from the top of the stem and have them ready to go - but NOT until you are in the bath!

3. You will want to wear some beautiful lingerie and even a nice lace dress if you have one. For this photo shoot, we chose the Coven and Co Pirate Dress, you can find that here.

4. Use natural light. Open the blinds or shutters so that the light is filtered through evenly and turn off the overheads.

5. Get your camera ready! If someone is taking the photos for you, have your camera (or phone) set up, ready for them to snap away. Give them some examples of what you are wanting to achieve and some ideas for taking the photos from different angles. Be conscious of shadows and the way your body is positioned (you want to avoid any double chins!). If you are on your own, having a Bluetooth control and tripod for your camera or phone, will make it much easier for you to capture your milk bath.

6. Run the bath so it's nice and warm, we filled it half way and then topped it up once mumma was in. We left the milk powder out and grabbed a couple of shots with just the water first. Then added the milk powder for the beautiful milky colour.

7. Once you are in the bath and the water is filled to your liking, start adding the flowers! This is the fun part, especially if you have little ones in the bath with you!

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Baths

8. Start taking the photos!

-Remember your body positions

-Take photos using different angles

-Look for the light and where it falls

-Capture movement with the water

9. If you are photographing your Milk Bath with little ones, set your camera up with a high shutter speed. This way you'll capture their fast movements. Get them involved and talk about the baby in your tummy. Get them to kiss your belly or tickle with the flowers.

10. Have Fun!! Get your partner in the bath with you too and cuddle together. Memories like these are what life is all about. In years to come, you will both be reminiscing about this season of life and how amazing it was!

Here are some more photos from a recent Milk Bath Session, taken in the Mount Cotton Home Studio.

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

Mount Cotton Photographer Milk Bath

If you are wanting to book a Milk Bath Session, please get in touch!



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