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Celebrating Mother's Day in Isolation

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Mother’s Day is going to look very different this year compared to previous. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place (even though they will be relaxed slightly on the weekend), the usual family gathering, or park/beach visit may not happen. It can also be difficult if you are separated from your own mother or grandmother due to the virus and travel restrictions.

However, this does not mean we still cannot celebrate! Here are a few tips (and some of what I will be doing here) to enjoy your special day.

· Grab a cuppa and set up a Zoom / Hangouts / Messenger call with your special friends or family you cannot see for Mother’s Day. You can all enjoy a cup of coffee and some morning tea together. You may not be able to hug each other, but you can still enjoy some connection time together.

· Instead of going to the shops to buy something, have your kids make you something from home. There are some great websites for craft or woodwork projects you can find online.

· Put the request to your family for your own buffet breakfast at home to create your own restaurant. Nothing like a selection of breakfast goodies to enjoy on a Sunday. Add a white tablecloth (or sheet) and some freshly picked flowers from the garden and you could be transported to your favourite café or restaurant.

· Have the family turn your house into a Day Spa. Ask the kids to give you a shoulder rub and even let them give you a facial! Next have them light the candles in the bathroom so you can enjoy some pamper time in the bath.

· Turn your lounge-room into a movie theatre with gold class service. Put on your favourite family movie and have the kids deliver your popcorn and drinks to you.

I would love to hear your ideas as well. Share pictures on Instagram and be sure to tag me if you have tried an idea from above – would love to hear how your Mother’s Day went!

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