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Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Preparing for Your Outdoor Lifestyle Photography Session

Lifestyle photography sessions are a great way to catch a family in candid and beautiful moments. In order to make them more successful, a little preparation can go a long way.

Choose the Location With Care

First, pick an outdoor location that means something to your family- somewhere you enjoy together. Your outdoor lifestyle photography session is intended to be a reflection of your regular actions, so choosing a location that is familiar to your family is best.

Of course, if you are on vacation, your photographs will still show the joy on your family’s face. As a BaySide family beach photographer, I can attest to how beautiful relaxed vacation photos can be. Whether your vacation is at the beach or in the middle of the mountains, I am happy to travel for your session.


Weather isn’t an issue with us. Especially if we are doing indoor shoots. Photos can be taken anytime of the year! If it’s summer, maybe a nice picnic shoot or with the family swimming. If it’s cold out, nothing looks nicer than a fireplace shoot, or maybe cuddled up in some warm blankets?

Pack the Right Supplies

Packing the right supplies for your session is critical. Water is important, especially on warm days. Sessions with kids will go better with some snacks, wipes, and a change of clothes.

And don’t forget the sunscreen on those bright and sunny days. By considering the location you will be traveling to, the weather, and the participants, you can easily determine what supplies are most important.

If you need help with this, I will be glad to discuss commonly needed supplies to help you get a good idea. We can go over your desired location and other specifics when you book your outdoor lifestyle photography session.

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