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Motherhood Photography

Benefits of Maternity Photography

There is a special bond between mother and child from the moment the mother is aware of the baby’s existence. The love she feels shows on her face. The glow of pregnancy makes her even more beautiful.

She cherishes every move, every kick, and every bit of stretching she experiences, which is why so many commemorate it with maternity photography. Capturing the maternity journey on film is a gift for all to treasure.

Some parents wait until the mother is between 33 and 36 weeks pregnant for maternity photography sessions. You can wait until this time if you choose or you can have several sessions throughout your pregnancy to ensure you capture all of the magic.

The beautiful journey continues all the way through childbirth, nursing, and throughout your little one’s lives. Motherhood photography is a great way to memorialize and celebrate the blessing of your children and your role as their mother.

As a mother, I know how much of a gift children are and just how important it is to cherish every second we have with them. I would love to document your journey with maternity photography, newborn photography, motherhood photography, and family photography as they grow.

Contact me today to discuss the different services and packages I offer to help you hold onto those special moments in the best way we can. I look forward to working with you and your family.

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