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Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Freeze Time With Newborn Photography

Your newborn is beautiful, incredible, and absolutely perfect. Every tiny feature and movement is something to commemorate. Unfortunately, these moments are fleeting. Before you know it, your little one is heading off to school.

Though we can’t stop the clock, we can freeze precious moments with our wee ones. Newborn photography allows parents to capture memories they will want to relive over and over again.

Lifestyle newborn photography is when your photographer catches photographs of your baby in natural situations. You often see lifestyle or unposed photos all over social media. For instance, the photos might show them curled up sleeping with their parents, wide-eyed as the babies try to look around, or them being rocked. In short, lifestyle photos are meant to show the natural love, affection, and interaction of the baby with family.

This type of photography provides beautiful pictures, but having them combined means getting a wider variety of pictures to show off and cherish forever.

Let me help you document your little one’s movements, facial expressions, and day to day life. Book your session with me today.

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