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Lifestyle Family Photography

What Are Lifestyle Family Photography Sessions?

Lifestyle family photography is an art that uses film to tell stories about a family’s daily lives. The activities captured depend on the family the session is for.

For instance, a lifestyle family photography session might include photographs of a family cooking dinner together, attending one of the children’s games or gymnastics practices, enjoying a movie and popcorn in front of the fire, or playing tag football in the backyard.

It is not just about special activities, though. Lifestyle photography can also include tucking kids in bed or drying them off after bath time, rocking the baby to sleep, kissing boo-boos and ouchies, helping with homework, or eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

The idea is to show a family’s natural, everyday interactions and love. The ways in which this is done revolves strictly around the subject family.

As your Gold Coast family photographer, I am passionate about and dedicated to capturing and commemorating every moment possible. Before I ever take the first photograph, I take the time necessary to get to know you and your family. The more familiar I become with you all, the more effectively I can tell your story.

Lifestyle family photography is meant to be natural, but your family’s choice in clothing can affect the photo. You do not want to match, but wearing outfits that complement one another provides a greater sense of harmony. It keeps the attention on the moment and the emotion instead of the clothing.

I am available to help you with clothing and any other aspects of the photography session that you are unsure about. Contact me today for more information.

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