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In-home Photography Session

5 Reasons to Book an In-Home Photography Session

When someone mentions an in-home photography session, some people cringe. The idea of letting people see their “messy” homes and their kids running wild seems counterproductive to beautiful family portraits, but that simply is not true. Here are 5 reasons why in-home photography sessions can actually produce some of the best photos:

Natural Is Usually Best

“Say ‘cheese’”! We all know the phrase, and we all know how to paste on our smiles and show our pearly whites. The trouble is that these smiles often seem forced. In-home sessions catch the natural side of life, which typically results in more natural smiles.

More Comfort

Going into a photography studio can create tension as the subjects believe they have to put on their “best” for the camera. In your home, you feel much more comfortable and free to be who you are.

Favorite Items

It can be hard to lug your family’s heirloom baby grand piano or your pet to a studio. With an in-home photography session, you can be sure to include all of your favorite things.

Bouncing Off the Walls Is Okay

Kids are full of life and energy. Running and jumping around is part of their character, but parents try to temper these things when in public. In your home, you can let your kids be free to act like kids and catch the beauty of their personality on film.

Let’s document your family in their regular daily activities together. I love to capture the love and emotion shared between family members, and want to help you tell your story through film. I am a Mount Cotton photographer but travel from Brisbane to Byron for photography sessions. Book your appointment today so we can get started.

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